I love coaching, mentoring and speaking/presenting at meetups, shout if there’s something that’d help you. There’s a bunch of topics I’ve helped people with trough coaching, mentoring, and speaking at meetups:

  • Help with blogging and speaking: finding your voice
  • Career coaching: breaking in to product, shifting from Senior to Lead/Head of Product, career progression after returning from maternity leave, peer coaching for other Product Leaders
  • ‘Discovery’: investing in the right the right opportunities

I got loads from generous people at the start of my career and reckon it’s only fair to pay it back. I’ll use the above link to braindump all the stuff I’ve ended up doing over the years that’s been useful to folks. Shout if something’d help you.

The Menu

Help with blogging and speaking

People have found the following helpful:

  • Listening: I’ve listened to someone talk-through what they’re interested in then played back what stands out as potential topics for a blog post of talk.. Then listened to that some more and help them draft a story from it.
  • Mentoring: Sharing the mechanics of preparing a blog post or talk
  • Confidence: Supporting people to build the confidence needed to share something publicly. Some folks have realised that they didn’t feel like they had permission to have a voice, and this has been the start of a much deeper, more valuable journey of their own to find, trust and own their voice.

Career coaching

I’ve helped a load of people over the years with:

  • Breaking in to product
  • Promotion from Senior to Lead/Head of
  • Career progression after returning from maternity leave
  • Peer coaching for product leaders
  • Non-directive performance coaching for any leader
  • Getting meta, I’ve supported other people to develop in non-directive performance coaching for themselves

‘Discovery’: How to choose the right opportunities

I can focus on areas like:

  • What does a successful Discovery look like?
  • What are the common Discovery mistakes and how do we avoid them?
  • 10 experiments to try and improve your Discovery
  • Wtf is ‘pre-Discovery’?
  • How to use Discovery as a key element of agile governance
  • . . . or anything else, just shout.

Context: I reviewed 50+ Discoveries in Central Govt after introducing an approach to doing them well.This followed 5 years of doing them myself, culminating in leading a cross-govt review and retrospective of Discovery to learn how to run them better. Most recently I’ve introduced Discovery to Local Govt.