I joined Westminster City Council as their first Head of Product in March 2022. I’m focused on three things:

  1. Desiging and introducing ‘product ways of working’ for a large, complex public sector organisation
  2. Building a new product function from scratch
  3. Embedding with the Customer Experience and Digital unit where we’re developing our first products.

This blog is likely to be quiet for at least the next few months as I’m working on the above. But I’m hoping to establish a blog at Westminster where we can share the exciting things we’re working on. Likewise the book I’ve been working on is unlikely to appear on a shelf near you any time soon. I did a lot of research and the amount of effort required to self-publish and publicise a book is not something I’m up for right now. But it turns-out it’s a great basis for the ‘product ways of working’ I’m currently developing so I’m hoping it’s something that’ll be built and shared incrementally, free and open-source for public sector organisations over the coming months (allowing me to retire and archive my original White Label Product Management Handbook first published in the open in 2018 and now a little long in the tooth).

I’ll continue to publish posts on this blog when I’ve got something to share and will continue to update this page with ‘what I’m doing now’.