Digital by Default Prehistory

17 Apr 2016

Before the Government Digital Service there was the ‘Business Customer Insight Forum’, tasked with ensuring that public service design was led by ‘customer insight’. This is a ‘customer insight’ briefing I wrote for the senior management team at the Training and Development Agency for Schools in 2008.

The Cabinet Office seeks to establish ‘customer insight’ as a strategic asset in public service design.

CSR performance framework for government (October 2006) makes clear the need for effective customer engagement and personalisation in services. In his Review of Service Transformation, Sir David Varney recommended that cross-government work on customer insight be focused on the citizen and business perspective. A ‘Business Customer Insight Forum’ (BCIF) has been established to provide expert guidance, via the main Customer Insight Forum, to the Delivery Council on the use of business customer insight and engagement in relation to the Service Transformation Agreement, which says that:

The BCIF exists to support cross-government business insight projects, including giving advice, joint resourcing, and work on cross departmental customer journeys. It also provides a forum for the sharing of both best practice and research findings and helps to keep account of key business insight activity in departments so that work is not duplicated in other areas and opportunities for joint working can be identified. The BCIF seeks to optimise service delivery channels.

‘Customer Journey Mapping’ is seen as key to gaining customer insights, and three types of journey mapping are outlined:

Customer journey mapping helps to:

Customer journey mapping helps to build efficiencies in the following ways: