Books and films

In which I mainly read and watched horror, science fiction, and supernatural stuff. 2019 wasn’t necessarily the year they were released or even then first time that I watched/read it - but it was enjoyed this year none the less.


A lot of anthologies, and a focus on cosmic horror, cyberpunk, and dystopian sci-fi. Favourites include:



Bonus, Podcast: The Case of Charles Dexter Ward.


I’ve now officially given-up on AAA games in 2019, almost exclusively playing indie games. A lot of adventure/exploration. Some surprisingly touching games here, like The Gardens Between, Gris, Night in the Woods, and North.


Very few fancy restaurants this year, we’ve been enjoying the same brunch-spots and takeaways as last year. We’ve been enjoying ramen this year, favourite spots being Shoryu in Stratford and Men on Chatsworth Road.