I’m looking for unsung heroes working in product management in the UK government. The pandemic has shown how critical ‘digital’ teams in Government are. And how little praise and attention they get.

So I’ve set up a newsletter to find, support, and amplify good product managers in the UK government. Those who quietly get on with creating critical services for their country, improving lives as they go.

Do you know someone who deserves to have their work recognised?

Get in touch with me to share your recommendation.

You can email me. DM me on Twitter if we follow each other. Or message me on LinkedIn.

Let me know:

  • Name, organisation, and role of the person you’re recommending
  • What you want to recommend them for
  • What you find particularly interesting about their approach to product management
  • Details of how I can get in touch with them.

I’ll get in touch with them. If everything goes well I’ll:

  • Interview them for 45-60 minutes
  • Draft an article about their work
  • Share with them for approval
  • Publish via newsletter to a network of 300 people (and growing).

You can read previous examples here:

Let’s sing the praises of the unsung heroes working in product management in the UK Government. Share your recommendations and let’s find, support, and amplify these great folks.