A French Press is an ‘immersion’ brewer, meaning that the coffee is fully immersed in water during the brewing process. This means that a lot of the ground coffee dissolves in your drink, creating a full-bodied, strong cup of coffee. This is how I make 250g of coffee using a French Press.


  • water filter
  • French Press
  • Hario Mini Mill Hand Coffee Grinder
  • Salter digital scales
  • funnel
  • kettle
  • stirrer
  • mug
  • timer


  • coffee beans
  • filtered water


  1. Boil the filtered water and leave to cool a little
  2. Measure out 17g of coffee beans (note 1: The guidance is 6g coffee beans per 100g of coffee, making 15g coffee beans for a 250g mug, however this is only a guide and should be tweaked for personal preference. I seem to get my best results from 17g coffee beans; note 2: To measure the coffee beans, I place the grinder on the scales without the arm or the lid but with the funnel in it. I then zero the scales and pour out the beams. This prevents the beans from going all over the place)
  3. Grind the coffee beans (note 3: This has the benefit of letting the boiled water cool by a few degrees; boiling water poured immediately onto ground coffee can burn it)
  4. Once the boiled water has cooled, place the French Press on the scales; remove the plunger, pour the ground coffee inside and zero the scales; pur in 250g water and stir
  5. After four minutes replace the plunger and gently push-down until all coffee grinds are trapped at the bottom of the French Press. Pour the coffee and enjoy
  6. Leave the coffee until it’s cool enough to taste, then drink.